Monday, August 29, 2011

A(hhh)ntoni Gaudi

After a relaxing few days in San Sebastian, I headed to Barcelona to take in as much of Antoni Gaudi's incredible work as possible.  For the record, Barcelona in August = Hot + Crowded. 

I managed to visit La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Battlo, and Park Guell (as well as Museu Picasso and a few other smaller galleries). Pictures are up on Picassa, the link is on the left.

The first night our Barcelona guide (a friend of Alys') took us to one of the best tapas restaurants I have had the pleasure of enjoying yet.  It's called Tapas 24, and if you are in Barcelona you owe it to yourself to go there.  Here's the menu, be jealous -

It was a nice start because the next few days were pretty hectic but incredible all the same. While I don't really enjoy rushing around, there is too much to see and do in that city to sit still.  If my time wasn't limited, I easily could have stayed for another week and still not seen and enjoyed all Barcelona has to offer.  That being said, it felt great landing back in Madrid and hopping on the metro with confidence and understanding a little of the Spanish that was being spoken around me again. I actually slipped and told a friend who was meeting me - "I'll be home around 6:00".  Hmmm...

I am now in La Alberca which is a few hours west of Madrid, almost near the border of Portugal, for my other English immersion program.  This group is really big (52 people in total) so it's a different feel but again, the Spaniards I have met are really great people and there are a few other volunteers taking similar trips as mine so we've been comparing notes and sharing info.

I know this post is short and not entertaining but I have a promise to my adorable little mother that I will post once a week and I missed my cutoff.  Being on another continent when a hurricane is hitting your hometown was quite a challenge for me so these last two days my free time was spent following news on the internet or trying to contact friends and family.  Glad I was finally able to get through and everyone is doing okay now.  Miss you all.

~ N