Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Castles, Cathedrals, and Cochinillo

Finally got a few pictures up from my volunteer program in Valdelavilla, as well as a day trip to Segovia.  Madrid pictures will be coming soon...

So, Segovia...what a beautiful little city.  The Roman aqueducts are just plain amazing and the cathedral and castle were really incredible to see as well. It was significantly cooler than Madrid so I might have wandered around just a little bit longer than I really needed to simply to enjoy the gorgeous day.  For lunch I tried the traditional cochinillo asado (suckling pig) for which Segovia is famous, and I have to say I was not a huge fan.  Maybe I'm just missing pulled pork really bad and was disappointed.

I'm enjoying "living" in Madrid. I've figured out the metro, bought a cell phone for 14€, can order my meals or pay for things at the store without sounding completely clueless, and I am no longer mesmerized at the selection of Mentos each time I walk into a store. (Strawberry-lime...? Mojito...? Yes please!) Class is going well, but I wish I could take a few months to really focus on learning the language.  I'm hoping to continue elsewhere, but for now at least I am building a base. My school actually has a branch in Argentina so maybe I can pick up my studies when I reach South America. Although...I will be in Brazil before Argentina...and will be learning a little Portuguese while I'm there...yikes, overload! There's a chance no one will be able to understand me in any of these countries by the time I'm done.

Next week I will be heading north with a friend to San Sebastian and then on to Barcelona.  It turns out that next week is "Grande Semana" in San Sebastian. It is a week long festival which hosts ‘Concurso Internacional de Fuegos Artificales’ (The International Fireworks Competition).  Each night, firework specialists from all over the world  compete to give the best show. Um, what?? Alys might have to drag me to Barcelona...

~ N