Monday, September 5, 2011

Never Enough

Less than 2 weeks left in Spain and I'm already having separation anxiety.  How can you miss a place you haven't left yet? 

Last week's program was intense, exhausting, rewarding, and more than I think any of us truly expected.  Our group was a little over 50 people in total, so at first glance it seemed highly unlikely that we would really get to know each other.  I assumed we would just have a good program and that would be the extent of it.  But 7 very full days later, we all found it very difficult to part ways.  What an amazing week, with an amazing group of people.  I definitely have some friends for life here in Spain.

So, on to Granada.  I arrived yesterday and began my next round of Spanish classes today.  It's amazing how quickly you lose what little you learned when you spend a week speaking nothing but English!  (It's coming back though.  There's still hope.)  Granada is absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to visiting La Alhambra and seeing a Flamenco show in the caves of Sacromonte.

However, at this moment there is homework waiting for me so I will write again soon with stories and pictures of my Andalucian adventures.  Just wanted to say that I am here, safe, and missing you all.

~ N