Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adeus Brasil

It's amazing how fast a month can pass. The second half of my stay in Brazil was gone in the blink of an eye.  It was rainy for a decent amount of the last 2 weeks which made things tricky.  My last day of project was raining which meant my kids didn't come to class (Cariocas don't like rain) so I didn't really get to say goodbye. I did make it to Sugarloaf on a relatively clear day for sunset and a fantastic night view of Rio, and I had one final sunny day before I left to see Escadaria Selaron. Wow. Absolutely amazing. I met the artist briefly as he was working and I spent some time talking with his co-worker who is from Argentina. I could spend half this blog post writing about this staircase, but just google "Escadaria Selaron" or "Jorge Selaron" if you want the background story.  (For my hip hop heads...does this picture look familiar? Name that video.) 

It is basically a continually changing work of art and I was blown away by how many tiles I connected with.  The first winery I toured in Porto when I began my trip... a favorite painting that I finally saw in person for the first time in Spain... the lizard at the entrance to Gaudi's Park Guell... the Camino de Santiago in Spain which many of friends have done and one is currently walking, etc. It was a series of flashbacks and connections of my travels and memories of home. I spent an hour there just taking it all in. I was really happy that I was there on the last day of my stay in Rio because it brought it all together for me and reminded me that moving on means making new connections and memories.

I did get to escape Rio last weekend with a few friends to a little coastal town about four hours away called Trindade.  Although it wasn't sunny, it was a great few days of relaxing and leaving the constant buzz of the city behind for a bit. It also served as a transition of sorts for me because I was returning to Santa Teresa for just 2 nights before heading to Argentina. 

As always, leaving was bittersweet because as excited as I am about moving on, it means leaving behind some great people.  Fortunately I headed out to the airport very early this morning and you guys know how little I process in the AM so it didn't really hit me at the time.  Then I got stuck in Uruguay because all flights to Buenos Aires were being delayed or canceled due to volcanic ash (that's not something you hear every day) and it hit me a little bit more there.  I did finally get out of Uruguay and by the time I touched down in BA the excitement that comes with each new place had settled in.  I'm here, I'm happy, but I do miss my Brazilian family. I really hope you guys all make it out here over the next few months.   

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States!

Georgys - it will be a difficult day for you, not because you will be missing me, but because it will be the first time in years that my sausage cranberry stuffing will not be on the table.  It's okay, I understand. I mean, it is really good stuffing.

Avenel crew - throw some pictures on twitter/facebook for me of the deep fried goodness that I will be missing at Ann's and have a High Life for me. 

Missing you all.
~ N

p.s. I will get my pictures from Brazil up this week.  Really, I will.