Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Irrational...? Who, me...?

All is well here in Buenos Aires and I'm enjoying my imaginary life as a Porteño. (I have also discovered how to type with accents, tildes, etc. on my keyboard.) ¡Qué bueno!

Hard to believe I'm in my third week of class already. There was another holiday last week which meant extended days again, and with Christmas / New Year's coming up there will be more of the same.  Nevertheless, I realize that if my biggest problem right now is having longer days of class because I happen to be in Argentina during the holiday season, I am a lucky girl.

Class has been going well but you know me.... little Miss Impatient wants to be able to speak fluently.  Now.  I was explaining to a friend the other day that what I find slightly frustrating is that I don't think when I speak Arabic, I just speak.  When it comes to Spanish, I have to think - a lot.  Yes, I am fully aware of how absolutely irrational it is to use a language I have spoken my entire life as a reference point for my progress in a language I have studied in total... um... about 5 weeks.  In any case, I've been attending additional workshops offered by the academy, watching movies in Spanish (with English subtitles...let's not get carried away), taking tours conducted in Spanish, etc. in an effort to really immerse myself in the language and it is helping.  If only they would all just slow down!

My friends from Ireland ended up stopping back in Buenos Aires last weekend (further evidence of how this city just draws you in) and we got together for dinner and a tango show on Saturday.  I have to admit, while I was definitely planning on seeing tango while I was here I wasn't really in a rush because, well, they just dance, right? It turns out my perception of tango was a complete underestimation. (ATC family - insert a "hmmh" here.) At one point, the dancer in the picture above was lifting and throwing his partner around as if she was a feather, it seemed completely effortless.  Bravo, tango dancers of the world.  I stand corrected.

 ~ N