Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Stop

Arrived in Dubrovnik, the final stop in Croatia, on a sunny afternoon after enjoying the islands of Hvar and Korcula. Unfortunately, earlier that morning 2 cruise ships had also arrived for the day with their passengers flooding the streets of the Old Town like ants.  Sounds silly but it was a bit of  a shock to the system.  By early evening the cruisers and day-trippers finally cleared out and it was a perfect time to walk the walls of the city.  Many of you know I grew up an avid reader, so for me, the completely enclosed Old  Town is really best described as something out of an old fairy tale.  Unfortunately, the town inside those walls is now basically a picturesque shopping mall, but walking along the top you get a feel for the city that once was and you understand why it is a UNESCO site. It is truly beautiful.

It’s been a total of 2 weeks here and it was a really great sampling of many different sides of Croatia - the capital, a national park, a few of the islands, the historic Old Town in Dubrovnik. I have to admit, the view of terracotta rooftops against the green of the mountains and the blue of water has almost become “normal”. (I know you’re thinking “spoiled brat”. Fair enough, that comment warrants that reaction.)  In any case, I’m excited to move on to the next country. Tomorrow morning I will be in Montenegro, in the Bay of Kotor, for the final part of the Adriatic Coast.  

During the downtime here, plans for Turkey, Cyprus and Israel have been coming together and that is truly exciting. Croatia and Montenegro have been the “vacation” portion of this trip, and I am looking forward to what is yet to come…

~ N

p.s. The boats (pardon me, yachts) we have seen here have been ridiculous.  Yesterday, the most expensive sail boat in the world was off the coast of Dubrovnik.  It’s been featured on Wealth On The Water and is valued at $120,000,000.  Ridiculous.