Monday, July 9, 2012


After a relaxing stop in Costa Rica, I headed back to this beautiful rooftop view, which will always hold a special place in my heart.

I've spent a little over a month back in the States enjoying time with family and friends, working a little (what?!), taking care of taxes, etc. and...getting ready to move to Argentina.

Yes, move.  Three days before I left Salta, I landed a job... with a company that is going to wait for me to return from my last trip... and process my work residency for me... and offer me health benefits...etc. etc.  Um, okay!  It's a great opportunity to live abroad for a while in a city that I love.

It's exciting, scary, overwhelming, awesome, and oh, "in the meantime" I am about to head out for the final part of my trip through Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel.  Never in my life could I imagine that I would one day say "I am moving to another country, but first I have to do this quick little 2 month tour through 6 other countries".

This year has been more than I could ever have envisioned when I first sat on the plane heading back from Cambodia 2 years ago trying to figure out how I could make it a reality. I'll save the overly sentimental and reflective stuff for the final post of my blog, for now.... I'm off to Budapest!

~ N