Thursday, August 2, 2012

Montenegro ("Black Mountain")

Leaving Montenegro today after a fantastic week.  One of the best days of the entire trip so far was spent here - rafting in the Tara River Canyon, eating an absolutely fantastic home cooked meal made by owner's wife, visiting Durmitor National park, and stopping for coffee on the way back at the house of our guide...with his entire family. Wife, kids, parents, sister - none of whom spoke English, yet all so hospitable and kind.  His 6 year old son was so proud to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" to us in English and put his hand out to help me out of the van.  Quite the little gentleman! (Although I would have bowled his little body over had I actually tripped getting out.)

The Bay of Kotor was a great home base and the country is small enough that you can visit much of it by day trips.  The old city in Kotor is a beautiful "mini-Dubrovnik" and still unspoiled by heavy tourism as Dubrovnik now is.  It will be one day, so I'm glad I was able to experience now. 

Next up - Turkey!  Heading to Istanbul today and beyond excited.  A little concerned about the amount of food I am going to consume there but the next 3 countries are some of my absolute favorite cuisine so I'll just have to do a lot of walking and stairs.

(Speaking of food....Mom & Dad - El gibna bida hina zae bitar masr! Coul youm bekhoul eish shami bi gibna bida wi uta.  Kemen andhouim dora meshwe...bes mish zae betana.)

I'm cracking up right now. Georgys - let me know if mom and dad figure that out!

More soon!
~ N

p.s. There are Croatia and Montenegro pictures up on the left, but not too many since how much I can upload these days is limited by time and slow internet.